Ferraro Construction Corporation firmly believes in well informed clients and crews. Questions and concerns can be addressed immediately when lines are open for this purpose. Communication directives are put in place to make certain resources and input move in a productive mode to a successful and comfortable completion. Our desire to communicate throughout all phases of construction sets the firm apart from all other construction companies. The industry is marred with construction companies that choose to have one-way communication without putting emphasis on listening and truly responding to questions from the client. Client input is viable to a successful end. Contracting firms may interpret client input as unimportant or irrelevant. Initiating regular and frequent communication is an invaluable tool for our company. Company leaders have constant dialog with crews and clients keeping a connection for the flow of information during the construction process. Ferraro Construction Corporation realizes that contact does not stop at the end of the project. Lines of communication stay open after a project is complete. All too often, adjustments need to be addressed after the construction process is complete. We are available to make these adjustments. Communication is key to those who wish to have worthwhile, long term relationships.