About Us

Hands on Approach:
Ferraro Construction Corporation has built its’ business from the ground up. Special emphasis has always been put on keeping your hands on the project from the 1st shovel to the last finishing touch as you sign off on the completion certificate. Day by day management keeps in touch with field operations, constantly assisting in the construction process while planning for the next phase.
This hands-on style of managing is not just “our” trademark, but the impetus behind the impressive growth over the last few years.Hands-on is not just a philosophy toward a successful end, it is a way of life for Ferraro Construction Corporation and our affiliated subcontractors. Client changes and/or revisions are more easily implemented and addressed when one is absorbed in the “nuts and bolts” of the project.

Old World General Construction with 21st Century Execution:
Ferraro Construction Corporation believes that character and integrity are essential in the building of businessrelationships and the preservation of those relationships. We value long term relationships and are willing to invest all our resources to meet this objective. Quality construction with client centered execution enables us to complete a project with a partnership framework. On time delivery, never sacrificing craftsmanship, leads our teams to satisfactory completion of projects, second to none. Quality production prevents long lists of incompleteness and promotes a successful result for both our company and trusting clients. Expertise can only be defined as successful experience received from repeated challenges inherent in one’s career commitment. Ferraro Construction Corporation can confidently say “We deliver the coordination of the necessary trades to bring quality product to completion." Our successful goodwill is proven with years of construction projects for the commercial utility client, including the Port Authority of NY/NJ to varied school projects such as the West Hampton Elementary School of West Hampton, NY and Municipal Utilities Authorities.